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We are Mankind

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We celebrate the collective individuality of all people and the expression of mankind’s whole, unique, beautiful self. We are many, but we are one. #wearemankind.

Meet our Icons

Cleo Wade

Artist, poet, and storyteller Cleo Wade believes that when we share what we’ve been through, we give other people the permission to do the same. Her words unite communities, promote self-love, and inspire social action around the world.

Meet Cleo

Matt Bomer

Discovering his love for acting while in middle school, Matt Bomer has always been comfortable in the spotlight. But it’s the moments alone - meditating and practicing yoga - where Matt truly finds what it means to be his most authentic self.

Meet Matt

Luka Sabbat

Being born into fashion never defined Luka. In fact, he never cared for it. But his raw authenticity and off-the-cuff style proved fashion to be a perfectly ironic fit for this creative entrepreneur.

Meet Luka

Sarah Jane Adams

For as long as she can remember, Sarah Jane Adams has been a collector of things. Traveling the world wheeling and dealing her treasures, she has acquired a global following for her vintage eye, unique aesthetic, and eternal wild-child spirit.

Meet Sarah Jane Adams


With a signature style and celebrity following, JonBoy is redefining tattoo artistry one stroke at a time. But don’t be deceived by his cool-guy, rough-and-tumble exterior. His lovable energy and magical touch prove there is always more than meets the eye.

Meet Jonboy


Gabby Richardson takes on many roles– artist, activist, model, millennial. A born leader, she believes our future depends on the creative power of the youth, and will do everything she can to protect it.

Meet Gabby
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When it comes to labels, Mads Paige only sees one – human. The model, musician, and muse shows us how traveling the world and experiencing different cultures can shape one’s definition of self-expression.

Meet Mads
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Writer, poet, and storyteller Orion Carloto bares her soul to a generation of followers. Her words captivate with a wisdom beyond her twenty-something years. But even with an old soul, it’s clear Orion’s story is just beginning.

Meet Orion
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Colossal hair with a spirit to match, Farouk James has always been encouraged to express himself. Now this pint-sized fashion sensation is making his own style choices, and ready for the world to hear him roar.

Meet Farouk
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Model Emma Louise Connolly keeps it real. A fun-loving adventure-seeker, she travels the world sharing her creativity everywhere she goes, and invites you to see who she really is.

Meet Emma

Love is louder

7 For All Mankind is proud to support Love is Louder, a project of The Jed Foundation dedicated to making the world a more connected, supportive place. A portion of all proceeds from this exclusive collection will go towards their work bringing local communities together by promoting diversity and inclusiveness on high school and colleges campuses globally.